Rhino House

A large part of what Rhino Baseball offers its players is training throughout the entire year. 

In order to accomplish this, the management at RB believes that a top organization should have a private facility in order to fully realize and bring forth the capabilities of its players. Because of this belief, Rhino Baseball players have their own private baseball facilities, the Rhino House in Frankfort, Illinois, Rhinoville in Romeoville, Illinois, and the Rhino House in Appleton, Wisconsin.



9426 Corsair Rd. Frankfort, IL 60423

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The Rhino House is a 11,391 square foot training facility that is available solely for Rhino Players. Located in Frankfort, Illinois, the Rhino House allows for organized team practices as well as a key fob access for our players to train individually or with a Rhino instructor.

Within the training facility portion of the Rhino House, there are three clay pitching mounds enclosed in a tunnel allowing our pitchers to get the proper mound feel while working on their skills.

Next to the pitching tunnel there is a  55' hitting tunnel and a 70' pitching/hitting tunnel. Our hitting instructors have a firm belief that baseball is a sport in which repetition is a critical component in practices. Because of this, we have four hitting pods located next to the tunnels to allow for repetitious tee and soft toss work.


Directly behind the hitting and pitching tunnels is a training infield as well our strength, speed, and agility area.

Because the Rhino House is a private facility, just for Rhino players, management felt it was necessary to make it a place our players
 feel at home at.

The main lobby area is called the "Clubhouse" where two leather couches are situated to view the flat screen television and PS3. Behind the couches a fooseball table and arcade game are available to play during downtime before or after practice.

Parents are not forgotten in the Rhino House as the Parent's Room hold two leather couches as well, a flat screen television, and a viewing window that looks out to the practice facility.

Also located in the Rhino House is a kitchen with vending machines, a homework/team meeting room with white boards, and management's offices.

Our goal was to offer our players a place to continually work on their game without distractions from other organizations. The Rhino House is a "home" for our players to hang out at, improve on areas of their game, and be surrounded by Rhino players, families, and trainers.



142 S. Pinnacle Dr. Romeoville, IL 60446

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"The Ville", is a brand new, 16,000 SF facility, located in Romeoville, IL. The Ville is home to Rhino Baseball and Rhino Basketball as well as being P2 Performance's main training location. 

Included in the facility is a full basketball court with two suspended basketball hoops and two moveable basketball hoops for more efficient practices. Multiple bleachers along the wall allow for Rhino Basketball to host tournaments during the season. 

Seperating the basketball court and the turfed training infield is a motorized curtain. When the curtain is raised it opens up the multi surface basketball court and the training infield to get a full 90 foot baseline infield. This allows for our recruiting coordinator to film our infielders and outfielders on their position velocities and fundamentals along with being able to record catcher's velocities and pop times. 

Tucked away nicely in the corner of the facility are two retractable hitting cages. When retracted, players can play long toss. Two movable pitching mounds are also located at the facility for our pitchers to get bullpen sessions in. 

In P2 Performance's training room, there are mutiple Crossover Symetry systems that our players utilize before practice to strengthen their arms, gym equipment for workouts, and plenty of functinal equipment to work on core muscles of our players. 



W3223 Springfield Dr. Appleton, WI 54915